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A few years back, our family was returning home from a long vacation.  As we stumbled into the house, my youngest daughter plopped down and said, “I am glad to be home.”  I love that even a child recognizes the value of being home.  As a homemaker and artist, I have a big passion for home decorating, and my home is always changing.  Some times it’s a big change, and sometimes it’s small.  Either way, I strive for beauty and comfort.  I think it’s so fun to see what other peoples’ homes looks like.


Welcome to ours.


Our new farm house. (More pictures coming soon)

IMG_4257 copy


Our Last Home (2001-2015)

Front Entrance:

I wanted our front entrance to make a statement.  It was pretty simple for several years with just a mirror and chest of drawers.  I purchased the already painted chest from an antique store and added different knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby.


Recently, I decided to add these triangle wall decals from Mur.  They were much easier than stenciling, and went up with ease.


Across from the entry is the dining room.  It is currently under construction with two new book shelves.  For now you will just have to image how great they will look painted a dark gray.  I purchased this furniture when we first bought our home, and it has a traditional feel.


Over time, I have slowly been adding to the room as my style has changed.  I still love my traditional furniture, but I wanted to add more of an eclectic rustic touch.  I started with my art wall.


The problem in my home, is that the ratio of wall space and my love of wall hangings did not exactly go hand in hand.  An art wall was the perfect solution because I have been able to add art work that I love, family photos, things from my travels, and special items from Matt and my childhood.



The Kitchen:

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home.  I would totally agree with that statement, because I feel like I am in the kitchen all day.  We have a galley style kitchen, and when we purchased our home the kitchen already had the white cabinets and fun checkered floors.

IMG_9431 copy

IMG_9319 copy

We added the granite countertops and subway tile backsplash.

IMG_9321 copy

Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I wanted something pretty to look. I added several different succulents and air plants on my window ledge.  My kitchen window gives off the perfect light for these little guys, and they are quite beautiful.

IMG_9330 copy

Two years ago, our family went from four members to six members, so I swapped our small round table for a larger, longer table.  Since we were getting a new table  I wanted to update the kitchen with a new paint color and few new accessories.  I found my curtain fabric first, and coordinated the paint colors and décor from there.


IMG_9422 copy IMG_9423 copy IMG_9424 copyIMG_9343 copy

Living Room:

Our living room is our main hang out spot, and the only room with a television.  Comfort is a must, and our leather couches have been just that.  They are also so kid and pet friendly.


Now, I started out as a fine art photographer in college, and my personal art has been focused mainly on capturing rural scenes.  I have displayed some of my favorites from my collection.  Several of them have sentimental value because they are images of my Granny’s farm.  Plus, this gave me another chance for an art wall.

. IMG_9390

I have always been drawn to unconventional coffee tables, so when I saw this chicken coop coffee table on another blog, I had to make my own.  I found the coop at an antique store and added wheels.

IMG_9352 IMG_9356 IMG_9379 IMG_9389 IMG_9362

I see these old pulleys at antique stores all the time.  They are so interesting that I had to buy a couple and give Matt a chance to make me something.  He made them into these awesome light sconces.  We used a piece of barn board and attached an outdoor plant hook.  The old pulley rests on that hook, and a simple light kit is threaded through the whole thing.  I didn’t want a plug hanging down my wall, so we wired the lights through the wall.

IMG_9367 IMG_9364 

Master Bedroom & Bath:

Last year I completely redid this space.  Before, we had matching furniture from Matt’s childhood.  It was a beautiful cherry set, but our style had changed.  And after 13 years, we were ready for a change.  We even removed our ceiling fan to add this beautiful chandelier.  I have always wanted a crystal chandelier in my bedroom and I am happy that Matt agreed.



Instead of everything matching this time, we tried mixing it up a bit with different finishes.  We have a rattan headboard, mixed with this vintage metal cabinet.  When I acquired the cabinet, it had a worn painted finish.  It took lots of elbow grease and paint thinner to get it to what you see here.  But it was worth the effort, because I love the way it came out.


The piece hanging above our bed is a painting we acquired on vacation in Costa Rica.  I picked up the frame in a thrift store.  The pillows (except the small pillow) are all hand sown.


We have a smaller home, with no room for an office.  We have trapped our computer and mounds of papers inside this armoire.




























The furniture we got rid of had two dressers.  Since we moved our office cabinet into our room, we now only had space for one dresser.  I searched and searched for something that would hold both Matt and I’s folded clothes.  I found this handmade cabinet at an antique store.  It wasn’t exactly the most well made, but I love its rustic quality paired with fancier gold accents.


Our master bath got a small redo with an accent wall, shower curtain, and accessories as well.  This bathroom is the classic 70’s, extremely small space kind.  The tiles weren’t too terrible with a black and brown glaze.  So, I went with what I had.  If you have a small bathroom like this, try taking your shower curtain all the way to the ceiling.  I simply added fabric to the bottom of a standard shower curtain.


If you notice, I only painted half of my bathroom this dark charcoal color.  The bathroom gets a lot of natural light, but I thought it couldn’t handle every wall being so dark.  On the wall opposite the shower, I added another gallery of gold frames.  Not only was this another chance for me to add art and photos, but the metallic frames reflect light.  I picked up all these gold frames from the thrift store.  Taking the frames all the way to the ceiling is another trick to making your space look bigger.


I found these fruit crates at a local farmers market for only $4.95 each.  I loved the rustic feel they naturally had, so I did not refinish the wood.


The Girls Room:

My girls are almost exactly two years apart and have always been best friends.  This happens to be a good thing because they have no choice but to share a room.

IMG_9216 copy

When picking colors, furniture, and décor I wanted to pick something that would carry them through childhood.  One day, I was browsing a store and found a cloth napkin that I thought would make a great pillow.  I went ahead and bought two napkins, and from there picked all the different elements for the room.

IMG_9239 copy

I bought hot pink curtains from a box store and added a band of fabric and trim on each panel.  It is an inexpensive way to have custom curtains.


This room was full of DIY projects, including one of the pillows on their beds.  I cut out a bird and flower design from scraps of coordinating fabrics and used fabric glue to attach them to these small pillows.  I then embellished them with buttons and some hand stitching.

IMG_9211 copy IMG_9203 copy IMG_9210 copy

I adore the mismatched white metal headboards paired with this sweet bedside table.  I picked up the table from a garage sale, and added the decorative knobs.


And no room is complete without wall décor.  I framed greeting card prints that I found in the gift shop of an art gallery and mixed in a few personal photos.

IMG_9218 copy IMG_9220 copy

So there it is, a glimpse into our home.

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