Christmas Table

Every year we host a friends Christmas dinner. October through December is such a busy time, and a lot of celebrating is done with our family. So, we like to intentionally have our friends over for a nice, kid free evening. Not only is it a great time to connect with friends, but it creates an opportunity to be creative and decorate my dining table.

I am never satisfied with doing the same table scape, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money every time I change my mind. I usually try and use what I already have.

I keep my burlap runner on the table year around. I have found that it goes with every season. I have seen burlap runners all over the place, but I made my own.  All you have to do is by the yardage of burlap you need from the fabric store and cut it to fit the length and width you desire for your table. If you make any cuts just make sure you hem or glue the edges so the burlap  doesn’t start to unravel.

This year for Christmas, I bought one yard of buffalo plaid flannel. I cut the flannel into three equal strips and placed them on the table opposite from the burlap runner. One yard was the exact amount I needed, and the flannel required no hemming.



I also decided to use the same barn board stand that Matt made me a couple of months ago. If you happen to be all out of barn board, I think that cedar boards from the hardware store look just as great. the more rough the board, the more distressed it will look.

On one of my usual thrift store runs, I found these really great, inexpensive brass vessels.  Although, I generally prefer real greenery for a centerpiece, I already had these plants from IKEA and they are very realistic. Next, I layered different size candles all across the board. Some are in glass votives, and others are sitting directly on the wood. In my last post, I showed you how I added a little sparkle to some of the candles.



Finally, I layer my china at each chair.



I really love the elegances mixed with the rustic. It is so beautiful and simple.