Adding Sparkle

Each season and/or holiday, I like to change up the centerpiece on my dining room table. Christmas of course is one of those times. Each year I like to create something different, but I can’t afford to buy something new each time. I have a stash of craft supplies, and decorative items that I mix and match based on the look I am going for. While decorating my Christmas table, I thought it to be a little boring with my plain, white candles. As I pondered why it was so boring, I thought it needed a little more sparkle. I like to say everything is better with glitter, but I was going for an elegant, rustic look and I did not want to go overboard with the sparkle. My craft closet is already full of glitter, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it some how. After digging through my other supplies, I came across these.

IMG_8720 copy

I had purchased them for another project, but never ended up using them. These little scares are super sticky and the stick was double sided. Perfect! So, I pulled out a sheet of the squares and peeled the paper backing off one side. I then poured my glitter over the whole sheet of squares.

IMG_8715 copy

After that, I peeled each square off and added them to my candles. On my biggest, three wick candle, I added the glittered squares into a diamond pattern.

IMG_8719 copy

Then I added them to the rims of my glass votives. Two packs of these mounting squares was enough to add sparkle for my whole table, and even with the candles lit and warm, the sticky squares held firm. The bonus is, that once the holidays are over, you can easily peel these little squares off.

IMG_8723 copy

the end result was just what I wanted.