You Have Goat to be Kidding Me

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” -John Muir


One of my favorite things about our new house is the driveway. I know that sounds a little crazy, it feels strange actually writing that phrase. But, our driveway is pretty long and at first when you turn in you don’t know where it’s taking you. You start out driving through the woods on a gravel drive, and after a few small curves, you pop out at our beautiful pasture. The pasture is the first glimpse into our property and it is so beautiful. A pasture was a must have when we were looking at properties, simply because I love the peacefulness of a grassy field. And of course, every pasture needs animals to graze.

Because we moved in July, the grass was getting pretty hairy. We knew that a top priority would be to find some animals to graze our pasture so that we did not have to mow so much. So, I spent the last couple of weeks searching online for some farm friends.


Here is what I found…I am so excited!


IMG_4565 copy

This is Clyde. He is a Nigerian Dwarf. He was the first goat we found from a local family who didn’t have room for him on their property. We have learned that goats need friends. They can get lonely and into trouble if they are left alone. The farm Clyde came from didn’t have any friends to send with him, so for the next couple of days, we searched to find some friends.


IMG_4516 copy

A few days later we came across an add for Boer goats that were for sale a short ways away. So, we went to go check them out. Like Clyde, these goats needed more room and a good home, so we brought them home; five of them to be exact.

Here is Bonnie

IMG_4554 copy

and Elvis

IMG_4528 copy IMG_4530 copy

Along with Pricilla.

IMG_4560 copy

These little babies are only six months old and are brother and sister. They are still super soft and so cute.

IMG_4523 copy

This little guy is Pugsley

IMG_4536 copy

and this one is Wednesday

IMG_4546 copy

Our Boer goats have already become fast friends with Clyde, and are great little lawn mowers.

IMG_4507 copy