We’ve Moved!!

Okay, so I may be the worst blogger EVER!


I know…I know… I launched our blog several months ago, made a few posts, and then dropped off the face of the earth.


Hopefully you will forgive me…Please.


Many crazy things have happened with our family these last couple of months, and sadly, our blog was put on the back burner.

The most exciting news, is that we moved! We may no longer be considered backyard homesteaders, because we were able to purchase fifteen acres a little north of our old home. This is literally a dream come true for us. It is something we had always just talked about, and it wasn’t until this past June that we were able to move forward into making this our reality.


Our family has said goodbye to our suburban home. Although it was not our dream home, we have so many memories there. It was the first home for both Matt and me as a married couple, and we brought all four kids home to this house after they were born. We put so much work into fixing it up, and we can recall countless times where we spent time with friends and neighbors. We had fun making this a great home for our family, and it was kind of sad to have to let it go.


IMG_0417 copy


But, just like everyone’s life, change is inevitable. We are embracing this new adventure and headed for the country.


We are excited to document our progress as time progresses, along with the many memories we are sure to make here.IMG_4257 copy