Spring Centerpiece

Have I ever mentioned I love changing things up around the house? And sometimes, those changes need to happen with as little money as possible. Centerpieces are an easy way to add something new to the kitchen, and can be changed all year depending on the season. The cost of vases and flowers can add up if you are trying to constantly refresh, but I have found a remedy for this.


The first thing I did was save a few glass bottles from going into the trash.

IMG_9404 copy

If you are saving glass bottles, make sure you save a variety of shapes and sizes.

IMG_9404 copy2


Simply wash them and remove any unwanted labels. I decided I liked a few of the labels.

Next, add water and flowers.

If you are on a tight budget, clip flowers from your yard.

I picked up a few small bundles from the grocery store for $1.99 each and filled in the rest with flowers from my yard.

IMG_9414 copy

IMG_9417 copy

IMG_9413 copy

IMG_9418 copy

Make sure to vary the heights and shapes of the glass bottles for a more interesting look.

IMG_9422 copy

Flowers on my table make my day a little nicer.